We are a family of PC gamers who love to build the most well designed custom gaming PCs on the planet. FXWARE Gaming PCs provides custom gaming PCs for PC gamers of all types. Build a custom gaming PC easily with our webstore interface.

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How to Customize A Gaming PC
On our website you choose from several different stock gaming PCs to create your very own custom gaming PC.
The stock specs are the following: 4.0Ghz Dual Core AMD APU, Radeon HD 8470D, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 575W PSU, Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

Here at FXWARE we offer the ultimate PC customization experience. You can choose from over 20 gaming PC styles and dozens of upgrade options.


The Process: Pick the stock gaming PC that you think looks the best and then choose which parts you want to upgrade. Each stock gaming PC is capable of playing old games on high settings and most newer games on low settings. If you want to play games on very high video settings then simply upgrade your video card as much as possible!


1. Pick a PC style. In our custom gaming PC section, the PCs are all capable of housing large video cards, but in order to keep things simple for our customers we have to make sure all configurations were compatible. Therefore, you won't see the most expensive and energy hungry hardware parts in this section of our PC store.


2. Upgrade your hardware. Here at FXWARE we always recommend you upgrade your video card as high as possible while staying within your budget. For gaming PCs, the video card is the most important piece of hardware next to the central processing unit (CPU). After you pick your video card and CPU then you want to upgrade your power supply and memory. Here is a priority list to help guide you in the PC building process.


  1. Video Card

  2. Processor

  3. Power Supply

  4. Memory (8GB recommended)

  5. Storage Drive

  6. Everything Else


The reason memory and storage are 4 & 5 is due to the fact that these parts can easily be swapped in & out at a later date for upgraded parts and the performance gain between memory speeds is only slightly noticeable to the average user. Also, your hard drive speed will never stop you from playing a PC game whereas other hardware can make or break your ability to play.


If you dont plan on playing PC games then you want to upgrade your processor as high as possible because software like music recording programs and statistical programs (GIS, Stata, SPSS) will use the processor heavily while computing. 


3. Buy & Enjoy! Your PC should ship out of our workshop in 7 Business days. We are always available to answer technical questions via email. customerservice@fxwarepcs.com

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